Our law firm offers assistance to Foreigners, navigating abroad visitors through the maze of the Polish law. While we handle formalities, our Customers can enjoy their stay in Poland. We assist in a wide range of legal actions – from legalization of stay, through obtaining a work permit and real estate purchasing, to business and legal consulting services.

For those planning to live and work in Poland, we offer:

  • advice on and assistance in obtaining visas and invitations

  • assistance in and advice on the process of legalization of stay

  • advice and assistance concerning employment and labor market

  • advice on and assistance in real estate purchasing

  • assistance in obtaining other necessary permits

  • assistance in vehicle registration

  • assistance in either obtaining or re-issuing a driver’s license

  • representation before court and public administration

For those planning to start a business in Poland we offer:

  • advice on and assistance in choosing the best legal approach for future operations

  • assistance in company registration and in obtainingrequired permits

  • representing the entity both in Poland and the European Union

  • ad hoc legal advice for the entity


For more information, please contact Trainee Legal Advisor, Paweł Tokarski [tel. 502-133-517 or e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]. In our law office, he is responsiblefor legal services for Foreigners